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What Trump Just Did At US-Mexico Border Has Wimpy Obama & His Liberal Cronies Fuming

Even before Donald Trump was elected president, Barack Obama and the liberal media have childishly bashed Trump at every turn. However, now that border officials just revealed the incredible thing he just did at our southern border, Obama and his leftist cronies are forced to eat their words.

When Trump campaigned with the promise of building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in an effort to crackdown on illegal immigration, the left launched every attack against him in a futile attempt to thwart his election. After winning the presidency, he’s undeniably faced hurdle after hurdle in fulfilling his vow to ebb the flow of dangerous migrants effortlessly crossing into our benevolent country.

While Trump has been fighting to secure the borders that his predecessor left wide open, the liberal media, as well as Obama himself, have relentlessly reviled his attempt to make America safe again not only by labeling him a racist bigot but by assuring citizens that it’s impossible to hinder illegal immigration. In fact, the debased left has gone so far as to claim that even a reinforced border wall would be utterly useless in forestalling determined migrants from crossing. Despite their smug remarks, Trump just proved that he doesn’t even need a concrete barrier to begin discrediting their fictitious claims.

In a monumental report, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and border officials have confirmed that since Trump took office, not only are illegal immigration arrests of criminal aliens up but illegal border crossings have dropped a whopping 23.7 percent, Reuters reports. Officials explained that while arrests at the border are up, fewer migrants are making attempts to cross into the U.S. illegally.

“While the historic low in CPB’s border apprehensions led to a slight decline in overall removals, ICE’s strong interior enforcement efforts nearly made up all the difference. Overall removals are down because the border’s under better control than it has been in 45 years. That’s a good story,” Homan told reporters.
The official report confirms that between January 20 and September 30, ICE has arrested nearly 111,000 people, which is a 42-percent increase since the previous fiscal year, according to VOA News. Additionally, ICE has removed around 226,000 illegals from the country during this time, which is 6 percent down from the prior year. However, officials reiterated that this decrease in deportations is merely due to the fact that Trump has kept a large number of illegals from entering.

Furthermore, officials explained that because of Trump’s empowerment of immigration laws, officers are better organized in cracking down on criminal illegal aliens. They also refuted the left-leaning media lie that Trump is rounding up innocent migrants and ripping apart families.

“I read a lot of stories and comments over the last several months falsely accusing ICE of conducting indiscriminate raids and sweeps, arresting people at churches, arresting people at hospitals. I repeatedly said that is false,” Homan said. “We conduct targeted enforcement operations, every person we arrest, we know exactly who we’re going to arrest and where we’re going to arrest them based on a lot of investigative intelligence data.”
Homan also revealed that 92 percent of illegal immigrants arrested by ICE since Trump has taken office consists of removable aliens who already have a criminal record including fugitives and previously deported convicts. What Trump Just Did At US-Mexico Border Has Wimpy Obama & His Liberal Cronies Fuming Full Mp4 video download In HD quality or watch online and stream in every format avi, 3gp, flv, HQ, HD, 720px, 1080px, mp3 , audio only