BREAKING: He’s Been On The Run FOR MONTHS, And He Was Just Caught…. He’s SO Screwed Download Video Mp4 HD watch Onlineby AMERICAN NEWS TODAY   1 week ago


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BREAKING: He’s Been On The Run FOR MONTHS, And He Was Just Caught…. He’s SO Screwed

Reports are coming in from Honduras that fugitive lawyer Eric Conn has been captured nearly six months after he ran from Lexington facing some 12 years in prison. The Honduran public magistrate’s office states Conn is expected to be extradited to the U.S. as of this week. Conn was captured coming out of a restaurant in the coastal city of La Ceiba in Honduras.

The flamboyant attorney that called himself “Mr. Social Security” was taken into custody by a national police SWAT team after becoming the subject of a massive manhunt. He was at the center of a more than $550 million Social Security fraud case and then he vanished after cutting his electronic monitoring device in June. The attorney was under house arrest while awaiting sentencing for his crimes.

Conn opened is law practice in a small trailer in 1993 feeding his outlandish TV persona of “Mr. Social Security” with garish and outrageous television commercials and small-scale replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Lincoln Memorial at his office in eastern Kentucky. He built the third largest disability practice in the United States.

Conn represented thousands of successful claims for Social Security benefits. The majority of his clients were from the poverty-stricken coalfields of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia. His house of cards came crumbling down when investigators discovered he had been bribing a doctor and judge to approve disability claims based on fake medical evidence.

Conn pleaded guilty to stealing from the federal government, along with bribing a federal judge in a massive Social Security fraud case. Conn was sentenced in absentia handing down the maximum sentence possible – a 12-year-prison term. He was ordered to pay approximately $170 million in restitution for theft and bribery to a public official in his elaborate scheme to rig disability hearings for Conn’s clients.

The local FBI office in Louisville, Kentucky has not yet confirmed Conn’s arrest and his attorney, Scott White states in response to reports his client had been taken into custody by U.S. law enforcement –

“It does appear from the reporting that Eric was taken into custody by some uniformed group in Honduras. But, given the security situation in Honduras and the dangerous gangs operating there as has been reported as recently as the last few weeks in relation to its election, then who knows who these masked folks are, for whom they work, or if Eric has even been lawfully seized. Those may or may not be issues for either our courts or the Honduran courts.

If in fact Eric has been lawfully captured and is legally returned, then, as I told you in June, this comes as no surprise … the FBI usually gets their man.” BREAKING: He’s Been On The Run FOR MONTHS, And He Was Just Caught…. He’s SO Screwed Full Mp4 video download In HD quality or watch online and stream in every format avi, 3gp, flv, HQ, HD, 720px, 1080px, mp3 , audio only